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[MOD] Kill Shot v3.3 Direct Apk For Android

Play shoot deadly Kill Shot v3.3 Android - mobile mode version

As a professional shooter into the game and in dangerous and complex missions do, you also secretly destroy your enemies.

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Kill Shot game you play as a professional sniper, you must now log in dangerous and complex missions. With access to powerful weapons you have to pay quite a secret mission. Secretly travel to enemy territory and destroy targets and important series and without a trace of yourself rather than let go. Always keep your gun ready, zoom in to better identify your target … take a deep breath and shoot.

Adventure first-person shooter on Android Gadgets welcome.

Exciting first-person shooter missions

You’re in the role of a secret agent and special operations task assigned to her in a violent military attacks efficiently accomplished. Aggressive steps must shoot in a variety of covert and deadly accurate and can force the enemy do not crippling.

Choose your firepower

Certainly, a military expert agents have full access to all kinds of military equipment, weapons, etc., so relying on his rifle marksman as well as personal confidence in the ability of the shooting, mission complete. Are able to upgrade your weapons and longer range sniper, aiming to provide more precise and more destructive.

Endlessly shoot

When as a sniper to various missions send you your duty in secrecy will be complete penetration into enemy territory to find hidden objects and Brchynyd it from the page of time. Eyes stare into his arms and have not found until the goal is to continue the search. Enlarge try and aim for full identification, you take a deep breath, press the trigger and finally do their deadly fire. Be aware that you need to kill superiors approved, so do not fault! During the more than 100 different weapons and missions that earn them slowly. Qnash, machine guns, pistols, shotguns and other weapons are available, each of which are upgradeable.

Features Kill Shot

– More than 65 different weapons

– Boost your firepower by using 4 different gun

– Unlocking new items to increase the power of weapons

– More than 400 missions for a first-person shooting

– Excellent three-dimensional graphics

– Very beautiful and interesting effects

– 30 unique maps and stunning locations

– More than 65 different weapons

– Boost your firepower by using 4 different gun

– Unlocking new items to increase the power of weapons

Version 3.3

– Added mission extremely difficult for those seeking more challenge

– New in-store consumer packages

– New skins for bullets

Changes in version 3.2:

– Added new missions world to fight with hungry zombies

Changes in version 3.1.1:

– Added a new area to play

– Added 50 new missions to play

– 5 new Black Ops mission

– 6 new skins for weapons

– Added new bullet-named Freeze Dissolve

– 4 new space weapon to fight the aliens

  • Android version required: 4.1
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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