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[MOD] Juice Jam vSGN Direct Apk For Android

Juice Jam v1.22.9 Android puzzle game jam - with copy mode + trailer

In the spirit of the game to make jam and juice and fruits similar elements and maximize your speed.4.4 score by more than 200,000 users, has described everything about the game.

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25Juice Jam is one of the most popular titles in the genre of puzzle for Android OS is so far more than 10 million times from Google Play Store for free download and installed. The game gaming company SGN launched by the release on Google Play within acceptable scored 4.4 out of 5 which is registered only 240 thousand people are involved!One reason for the overwhelming interest in the game can be acceptable graphics, charming and lovely, which along with low volume, it has become a title Ideal for fun!

Juice Jam including a trio jigsaw puzzle games from a variety of puzzles and they are so much fun.Riding on the truck route to the land of fruit juices and colorful game. Use of different boosters and one hundred percent organic experience of the game, in the spirit of fun puzzle leash.

In this game, your task is simple, but it really will not be so easily! You just have fruits similar to 3 of 3 or more together to earn points. At first glance it may seem too hard and it really is in the early stages of the game but no matter how the game and advance the higher you go, the number of a variety of fruits increases, and the job you gets harder . There are several elements in the game as more attractive this show. Also, you can use the tools that are included in your game to the faster pass but obviously to use this equipment costs a lot to pay for sure!

Juice Jam features

– Failure to fulfill the tasks assigned boardroom

– New power-ups and unique

– Engaging puzzle gameplay and fun

Version SGN

– Added 20 new levels

– A large number of new lands to explore

Version 1:20:13:

– Added 20 new levels to play

– Added new obstacles

  • Android version required: 3.0
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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