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[MOD] Iron Desert – Fire Storm v3.3 Direct Apk For Android

Download game Fire Storm Iron Desert - Fire Storm v3.3 Android - mobile mode version + trailer

Full-equipped military base attack and destroy your rivals and become the superpower game. With the advance in the game you can upgrade your weapons and buildings and use them against your enemies …

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Arcade-style building strategy game My .com BV Fire Storm by the company is the design and supply has had 10 million downloads from the Play store has earned. Play Iron Desert – Fire Storm Manufacturer’s very generous and any military equipment to put at your disposal to use them with your friends all over the world to fight it. Usage of weapons is very important and you should use them in such a way that it used to be necessary.You have to attack their competitors military bases and defense fortified wall knock them together, keep in mind that they have the same opportunity and simply can attack you, do not worry because you can own a powerful defensive wall form and with whom to fight it. With the victory in every battle you get different bonuses that you can combat equipment manager and his power increased day by day and eventually become one of the superpowers of the game Fire Storm.

Features Iron Desert – Fire Storm

– The sentencing of war

– The best modern military equipment

– Participate in various fighting even tournament

– Realistic graphics

– There are different music and exciting

Version 3.3

– Added a new decoration

– Added Artillery

– Improved overall game play and bug fixes

Changes in version 3.1:

– Added deposits of uranium, uranium mines and uranium extracted Create kept in storage for

– Added new recruits The Hawk, Rhino and ZEUS

– Added Research and Technology Center

– Optimized for comfort with new resources base

– Optimize the battle to ease the battle with the diverse forces

– Balancing minor

– Fixed a problem and General optimization Games

  • Android version required: 4.0.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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