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In simulation exciting online battles its base and strategy to achieve victory in modern warfare and expand your empire.

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Invasion: Global Warfare War is a great simulation game exciting online strategy genre for Android phones and tablets, which has several Google users rated 4.2 out of 5 has been received.The story of this game in the midst of a global apocalypse will happen in 2020 and you are dealing with your enemies will be severely challenged to get rid of the hard ahead successfully with the use of military skills and strategies appropriate to the world domination experience. All his quest to become the world’s most powerful military commander and used in the game with his friends formed strong unions and against their common enemies to attack. Select new camps and build their bases to be able to win the other players to conquer new lands. Various buildings and monuments in their bases and troops need training to use modern strategies and tactics to overcomeyour enemies. Remove existing competitors out of the way in this new era and chaotic to compete.

Mode mobile version of version 1.28.5

Features Invasion: Modern Empire

Advance Wars PvP with fantastic gameplay

– Real three-dimensional environments and battleGorgeous

The struggle for new land and expand the territory of your team

Conquer Online competitors in the world to increase the power and ability

– Creating a strong union for multiplayer to attack large forces

– Construction of rifles to equip soldiers fighting

Advanced tactics used war

– Modern Warfare done by collecting important data and applications

Establishment of diplomatic relations with other players

– Ability to chat online with other players to find the perfect team

Version 1:31:40

– Added the ability to maintain different compounds of the ability to quickly switch during the game

– Remove Registration Tap4Fun

– Added items and summer activities

– Optimization and smoother interface

Version 1:30:52:

– Added items for Euro 2016

– Added special officers Football

– Added items and activities related to Ramadan

– Optimized user interface

  • Android version required: 3.0
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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