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[MOD] Hungry Shark World v1.5.2 Direct Apk + Data For Android

Play Hungry Shark Hungry Shark World v1.5.2 Android - mobile data + mode + trailer

In the role of a hungry shark to pay to hunt and feed his belly to be able to fight with the masters of the ocean. As a hungry shark is one of the best titles in its genre and will entertain you for hours.

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As Hungry Shark World in the style of action games and so far nearly 50 million times from Google Play store has experienced. The game scored a 4.4 out of 5 has been popular for more than 377 thousand people were involved in the registration of these points.

Hungry Shark made as the latest celebrity studio Ubisoft is a smartphone platform. The story is about a hungry shark to survive must eat all that is the way he is, of course, and also swallow their powerful enemies as well to fight. In almost all regions of the world as a hungry shark submerged to a unique experience with your shark.

Hungry Shark World title at high speed, such as the world wide graphical console that can entertain you for hours to experience this game of course at the time that the phone charger is available.

The gameplay more exciting than they can imagine.Diving and flying off the surface of the water and hunt innocent creatures will be enjoyable for every user and can give you hours of fun with the Android phones and tablets. Sharks are very diverse and unique in-game have been provided so that you can continue your hunt every time more distinct than before. All sharks are overwhelming appearance of evil. Some of them with sharp teeth and great to sort of silly and humorous look horrible and others have taken. Aside from sharks appear for each of the various factors that are variable.

Choose your favorite shark and the lives of fish, crabs and even people close to the beach fall!Using the virtual joystick to guide the deep-water sharks and other sea creatures go hunting while you are close to the water surface and underwater creatures will eat you keep an eye on the water level at the right time at the maximum speed they have to rush. Power-ups more attractive to sharks that hunt down and power to obtain it can not multiply your gains. In some cases a hungry shark hunting game can be turned on land! Crowded beaches and boundless recreational subjects are very exciting to hunt. Of hunting humans who are swimming or enjoy the beach and watch the busy circulation are immeasurable violence sharks are being hunted.


Features of Hungry Shark World

Explore the vast ocean of the game:

Along with your hungry shark hunting in different areas of the ocean than you found it and discover its secrets also remember that you are not alone in the ocean and all kinds of live beside you, other aquatic animals of they want to destroy your enemy and you. Know that only 2 percent of the oceans has been discovered by humans and now it is you who still can not figure it out.

Unique capabilities:

Any existing shark that lives in the ocean has unique characteristics and skills that you can upgrade your shark and more powerful the more horrifying.

Varied missions:

To survive you must do various missions in the game of hunting of the species to conquer your enemies territory at the end of each mission you are given a reward that you can upgrade it in the food chain, or upgrade your shark.

Buy different items:

In each world sales and this does not exempt the aquatic world during the Games can be a variety of exotic items such as accessories ballet, special powers and even buy clothes also.!

Version 1.5.2

– Fixed bugs in the game

Changes in version 1.4.0:

– Use jet pack added to the game during combat helicopters

– Added a pet bird

– Win valuable prizes by doing daily quests at the end of each week

– To play exciting features will be added soon

  • Android version required: 4.2
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • The need for data: Yes

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