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[MOD] Fruit Nibblers v1.16.2 Direct Apk For Android

Download games Nyblr Fruit Nibblers v1.16.2 Android - mobile mode version + trailer

Nyblr power used to constant amounts of fruits and crawlers also be destroyed. Remember that you are facing different challenges that will be facing tougher game!

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The beautiful game has been designed by the creators of the game Angry Birds. Gameplay The game is full of funny characters and puzzles fresh and fruity. Residents of the island reptile that eats all the fruit of our group are not satisfied and do everything to stop them. You must use the power Nyblr the amount of fruit is kept constant and annoying in this game of it creeping escape.

At least three fruits to find a way to Coral, Aktv sound and the rest of the group. These animals have a special trick. They use special powers to eat more fruits, crawlers down and remove obstacles out of the way.

This game is very simple! Just find three fruit shape and began to eat you! It is easy to learn and perform, but with more than 200 stages and steps that are to be added, is always a challenge waiting for you.

Enter a beautiful adventure on the island and in the individual steps and confusing, remove obstacles from their path. You can also connect to Facebook, invite your friends to fight their progress on a map of the island, pictures and special gifts to share.

Some creatures will try to corrupt your fruit party.Find out the type of fruit beside the reptile can destroy him, but against stronger enemies you have to spend more keenly now. In fighting monsters, your skills will be tested against the most powerful crawlers.

Features Fruit Nibblers

– Hundreds of exciting and challenging levels on a weekly basis will increase

– There are lovely characters and unique

– Colorful and attractive environments and locations

– All kinds of delicious fruits

– A variety of special powers and boosters in the game

Version 1.16.2

– Remember that fish are friends, not your meal!

– Added 25 new levels on a weekly basis

– Fixed a lot of bugs

  • Android version required: 4.1
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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