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3 of 3 or more fruits together to pick up points and steps one after another leave behind.

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Puzzle style titles on all platforms, always has a special place among users and has a lot of devoted fans and will. This style games on Android operating system is usually a lot of variety and their users in elections. Fruit Juice is one of these puzzle style games with childish graphics and a large fan base all of the action is good. This article was sent by the Google Play team games iGames Entertainment and time of its release, has experienced more than 100 thousand downloads.The game also won the acceptable score 4.0 out of 5 which more than 2,500 people were involved in the recording.

Since most children are addressed in this game, its graphics laced his childish to bring more of them into ecstasy. Of course, if we think that this game exclusively for children is difficult because the gameplay is wrong can be even bigger and also has entertained for hours. What’s wrong with the graphics is a bit glamorous? We should not pay to play in the dark and cold!

The gameplay is very simple and it’s a lot of games before, such as Android and other platforms have seen. The only thing you have to do is play the same fruits next to each other. It’s enough to make 3 to 3 or more fruits come together to earn points and beat the game with one pass. Each stage of the game you delegate a task, for example, in the first game of the 6000 with 9 points, you’ll be asked to do this movement can be performed even with two. Do not worry though difficult stages to come and play enough to cross the border to stage 15 or 20 faced with the same problem.

During the process, the game will come to your help! For example, by doing a few other fruits together, and this will be stepped up to 4-5 times or more continues. It is even possible to finish the game by making a move! However, everything goes your chance. However, alongside these positive aspects, there are problems both in-game gameplay is not one of them fluently. Of course, if you are not very sensitive to these problems will not hurt you!

It is true that the games graphics are not bad kids, but older you are cold and soulless world of distance and diversity, which is a few minutes into the world of children what you think!

Features Fruit Juice

– Children and attractive graphics that will keep you entertained for hours.

– Puzzle and lovely style

– German low number but worthwhile

– Suitable for children and even adults!

– Low volume than the graphics of the game

The title, perhaps the very popular games that are touted on Google Play, but it’s definitely worth downloading is low volume and is suitable not only for your children but you can also enter the world’s vibrant and welding children.

  • Android version required: 4.0.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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