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[MOD] Farmer Sim 2018 v1.7.0 Apk + Data For Android

Download the Farmer Sim 2018 v1.7.0 Android Farm Simulator - A mobile version of Mod + Trailer

In the role of skilled and skilled agriculture, using the machines of the world today, as well as the efforts and efforts of different products, and at the right time and for sale, pick them up.


Farmer Sim 2015 is the latest full-fledged farm and farm simulation game for Android phones and tablets, which make those interested in becoming a real farmer. Agriculture is a tough complex that requires a lot of land and facilities and machines that are very expensive in today’s world.But how do you do this exciting thing at home and at the door? At the beginning, you start planting different products on the ground, and you can do a lot of existing agricultural machinery, such as planting and seeding and plowing the land. After a while, your products will sit at the bar and you will be busy picking up your product. With good harvest, sell them and make money with tractors , combines, plows and other modern machinery. You will be familiar with this day’s game of agriculture with the latest methods of the day and you will enjoy it. The important thing in this game is to buy and use various agricultural machinery and use and exploit them at their own time and place. In the game environment, complete US and European maps are available, and the full cycle of night and day is also ongoing.

Features of the Farmer Sim 2018

– Real vehicles and machines (tractors, combines, plows, cleaners, seeders, cars, trailers, etc.)

– Easy and convenient training

– Breeding plants and various products

– Buy animals and manage them

– The possibility of buying new land

– Open-World Professional (open world)

– Selling products to get money

– Have a map of USA and Europe

– Ability to drive automatically

– The cycle of day and night

– Challenge your friends by sharing their stats and achievements

Changes Version 1.7.0

– Optimize game performance

  • Android version required: 4.0
  • Need for rout: no
  • Requires Data: No

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