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[MOD] Dungeon Hunter 5 v2.2.0h Direct Apk + Data For Android

Download game Dungeon Hunter Dungeon Hunter 5 v2.2.0h Android - mobile data + mode + trailer

After defeating the demons attack the kingdom Valenthia, the world collapsed and the warriors are the only ones who can save the world.

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Someone who is not familiar with Gameloft’s less famous and beautiful game does not know the company, including series Modern combat. Now Gameloft decided wonderful game called Dungeon Hunter 5 on RPGs and RPG released for Android and another success in the career of several years of record.

After defeating the demons attack the kingdom Valenthia, the world collapsed and only those who can rescue the world warriors who are for peace.You play the role of protagonist must take their weapons and go to battle with monsters or demons with their failure to return the world to its original position! You have your team set foot on the path of revenge and sword in the hands of demons go to war. Invite your friends to your Fantry adventure, with you and for you carry a sword.Other features can be customized to match your team and building a stronghold to confront the enemies noted.

Strategy super games and excellent gameplay,it has led us to this wonderful game offer you to never miss it.

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Features Dungeon Hunter 5

– Ability to fight with your team for a single person

– Invite your friends to join in the adventure fantasy

– Customize your team

– Building a stronghold and its management to defend against all kinds of vile demons and fearsome dragon

– Experience a craft without limitation (evolution up to 46 different types of armor and swords model 150)

– Strategic equip weapons, armor and magic are different

– Ultra HD graphics

– Thoroughly enjoyable gameplay

Version 2.2.0h

– Added a stronghold workshop

– Faster gameplay and more enjoyable.

– Three new missions and new equipment

Version 1.9.1b:

– Added a war between groups in PVP mode and get the most powerful and best items and bonuses

– Added new items to the game

– Improved Co-op mode and the possibility to join the party, even in the middle of it

– Added 3 new missions to play

  • Android version required: 4.0
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • The need for data: Yes

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