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[MOD] Drive Ahead v1.81.2 Apk For Android

Download the straightforward game Drive Ahead v1.81.2 Android

In strange pistols, you will be caught up in the tournament and you can hit harder rivals to your competing car. Get out of the sloping levels and descend to the enemy!

Drive Ahead The “Direct Barn” game is an entertaining and interesting game for the Android operating system, played in a racing game format and developed by the Dodreams gaming company. This title of Android games, due to the very fun gameplay and attractive and full-fledged stages, has been able to attract the satisfaction of the players and can be an ideal option to fill your leisure time on your Android smartphone and tablet. It’s worth noting that the game has managed to score 4.2 at this time by Android users across the globe.

In this game, you are going to be driving forward with mountain and giant cars in the gladiator arenas and have fun for hours on your Android smartphone and tablet. Amazing and incredible types of cars, such as big garbage trucks, and F1 cars can be seen in the countless stages of the game. You need to be aware that each of your available cars has unique strengths and weaknesses that you need to be able to guide each one with your own experience and skill. In the game, there are two different solo and duel modes. The ability to apply the settings for each match is provided to you or you can randomly perform a competition.

The giant Monster tracks are also featured in the game car, and in this class, the only way to succeed is by attacking the rival and running away is to no avail. Throughout the game, you can earn virtual assets and use it to perform various customizations and upgrades.

The gameplay is that you have to fight with a variety of light and heavy cars to the track and use a slam line to hit your opponent by using sloping posts and steep levels. The pistons are circular in shape, so that they can move on the roof of the pistol with the speed required, and landed at high altitude. All control interface keys play only on the front and rear of the cars, which makes the task very challenging and enjoyable. Only pull your car back or forward and hit the enemy’s car with severe blows. An interesting gameplay mode is provided that can be great for lovers of soccer sports. In this section, instead of cars, you are driving the sport shoes and you have to try to enter the ball in the opponent’s gate before the opponent. To succeed in the challenges of the game, you need to have very fast action while being careful.

Drive Ahead Features

– Ability to play a two-player game using Wi-Fi devices with your friends

– Gameplay is very breathtaking and full of collisions

– Strange racing tracks that you have never seen before

– Accident and endless encounter with other cars

– Interesting pixel graphics with a variety of cars

– Various gameplay modes such as racing with heavy cars and competition of football shoes to score goals!

– Simple and complexity control interface

  • Android version required: 2.3
  • Need rout: no
  • Requires Data: No

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