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[MOD] DEAD TARGET 2 v1.0.162 Direct Apk For Android

Play the aim of the Dead 2 - DEAD TARGET 2 v1.0.162 Android - mobile mode version

The second series of the popular game Dead zombies aimed more varied, exciting first-person shooter gameplay, unique graphics and an engaging story line has been published and of course the possibility to fight other online users have been provided.

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DEAD TARGET 2 story in the world in 2072 is underway and is surrounded by zombies. Human beings are forced to live underground or in abandoned buildings are. There militant team that seeks to bring together survivors. News can be heard from a group of scientists who are trying to find an antidote for the zombie virus. Mission and your adventure on the way to the residence of this group is formed. While the museum secrets of the investigation were surrounded by zombies, the mystery was revealed that more than before to believe in themselves. At this moment begins an adventure in every sense and every single Member of the heart to achieve the goal of trying.

Play “The aim of the Dead 2” is a popular game, exciting and very nice for the Android operating system in the style of action games and by VNG GAME STUDIOS Game Studios has been made. The title of Android games due to a mermaid graphics with impressive detail, the first-person shooter gameplay zombies indescribable excitement and also can be called one of the most controversial games android years. It is worth noting that the game has just been published and won a total score of 4.7 from a handful of voters in the Play Store.

Note: The game is online and requires applications to be run through the sanctions.

Effects disputed

– Texture and stunning details that bring the zombies, characters, weapons and maps are indescribable effects

– Ezequiel distinctive appearance for each of the characters has resulted in the availability of different strategies

– Ability to display the weapons in three-dimensional display mode and customize it with different parts crafted

– Wider range of abilities and behavior of boardroom diversity and zombies than the previous series is quite obvious game


– Different character classes with unique Ezequiel classified

– Appearance and abilities of each character’s classification criteria

– Each of the classes have a weapon that zombies are working for some

– Characters based on the number of stars earned will be promoted


– Zombies with a variety of abilities and unexpected behavior can be very dangerous.

– All bosses have a great body and your teammates are able to separate at once from the ground

– In all different stages attended the map, you will see new zombies

– Choose the correct weapons can destroy the zombies are faster and more decisively is very effective


– A large variety of weapons that can be displayed in three-dimensional mode

– Ability to customize weapons with different parts

– Special effects can be stronger and influence are useful weapons

– Can a random collection of weapons collected during the process

A few PVP mode

– Ability to compete with other users or with their defense online

– Protect its own base and destroy the enemy base to save fuel and to obtain food

– The ranking system to compare players

Terrible conflict in various locations

– Ability to travel to different areas to get supplies and find survivors

– Despite the challenges of diverse locations free of duplicates and zombies amazing

– Each of the locations has a secret that will be revealed by you

– To be successful in battle need to design a good strategy for each of the maps you’ll be!


Features DEAD TARGET 2

– Variety and large number of weapons that very realistic feel to the user Infused

– Very realistic three-dimensional graphics and the locations have been provided with detailed

– Ability to choose the best teammate and weapons, according to your personal abilities

– Ability and Ezequiel visa for each of the characters

– Defend your base and fight with other users from around the world

– Rescue other survivors to join the fighters and collect resources and various weapons throughout the game exciting adventure

– Meet the full spectrum of and distinct from the zombies and bosses

Changes in version 1.0.162

– Optimize and use less RAM

– Now you can change the sensitivity of the sensor device in the game!

– Added user ID settings menu

– Added minor features and improve overall game performance

Tips on the run game

– The regular version of the game mode on the phone with Android 5.1.1 Xperia Z1 has been tested and is safe.

– Online game and requires a permanent connection to the Internet.

– Games for data download and elephant-more breaker needs to be implemented.

– Initial loading of the game very long, be patient.

learn inistallation

1. apk file and download the game data.

2. Extract the data files are GMT.

3. Navigate to the folder that starts with com name in the device’s internal storage Android / Obb place.

4. apk file, install it and enjoy the game.


  • Android version required: 4.0
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • The need for data: Yes

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