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[MOD] Darkness Reborn v1.3.9 Direct Apk For Android

Play the birth of Darkness Darkness Reborn v1.3.9 Android - mobile mode version + trailer

Fighting the Dragon of Darkness and how hard will it be? All will experience a tough fight in this game, and no matter how strong you sometimes will be defeated!

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Darkness Reborn is an action game that is extremely attractive and has been released for Android on Google Play has earned a 4.4 rating!Dark marks your destiny! This is a slogan that has been used in the game Birthday darkness! Dragon has been released and is now dark and evil forces are everywhere you now have the role of a powerful warrior in this game and will make every effort to go to war with the forces of evil, and finally the ultimate goal of ie the destruction of the dark Knight and get angry dragon! Has started its journey in the world of darkness and the different challenges facing your struggle, you’re a true warrior and so it proved once and for all from their land out of the darkness! Victory is yours! Using the multiplayer game you can fight with your friends and your ability to show them. In this online game is incredibly beautiful and charming 3-person teams can be formed in front of your friends to play. One of the most exciting arcade games that have been released for Android and can entertain you for hours and your friends. If you are a fan of action games and online are, of course, we recommend you do not miss this unrivaled game.

Features Darkness Reborn

– Good graphics and sound quality according to the Size of the game

– Exciting gameplay and breathtaking and unique fighting enemies and boss fights

– Different and unique story that will propel you to continue and finish it

– Multiplayer capabilities to the fight against friends and other players around the world and compare your skills with them.

– As engaging and popular action-RPG in the style that has attracted many fans

– Diverse challenges will be harder to advance in the game!

Version 1.3.9

– Added new raid boss to play

– Added crown parts

– Added new system called D Coin

– Added option to select the service provider

– Reconstruction VIP system

– Other optimization and the addition of several new features

  • Android version required: 2.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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