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When there is no light at the land titles of the darkness comes and finds peace only by fighting the forces of darkness. Popular style hack and slash game in the special offer to fans of the genre action.

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Dark Sword “Sword of Darkness” attractive title, fun and incredibly NANOO COMPANY Inc is an action that has just been made by the studio and has a good rating with a total of 2,200 votes 4.4 to 5.0 and more than 100 thousand times Download has experienced. This game has a gameplay style popular topics around the action and the fun will certainly bring you up long hours.


All remember that night … the night the dark dragon gate blocked the sun and how the light is gone and thus the dark creatures alive and screaming in the land of pain and suffering soared.The eternal cry of pain …

Where there is no light in the dark … have done the right thing by the darkness.

As the story of the game is known as the hero of the game you the task to destroy the creatures of darkness and of course, the dragon of darkness to light again may be able to return to their homeland.

Features Dark Sword

– Have a title in style hack slash with RPG features game

– Dark fantasy and stunning graphics

– There are upgrade system and strengthen your weapons

– More than 100 levels absolutely Action

– The Hardcore mode for professional players

Version 1.3.3

– Fixed minor bugs and problems

Changes in version 1.3.1:

– Change the calculation of damages in the case of normal attacks and Arena Game

– Setting maximum levels for certain treasures

– Fixed some problems in the balance of play in the Arena

– Fixed a problem and other bugs

Changes in version 1.3.0:

– Added PVP battles in the Arena Game

– System update Treasure Game

  • Android version required: 4.1
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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