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[MOD] Clicker Heroes v2.4.1 Direct Apk For Android

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Clicker Heroes The “Killer Heroes” game is a fun and entertaining fantasy game that is the result of the R2 Games Studio game and is currently in the Google Play Store with a 4.3 point rating by users …

Clicker Heroes The Killer Heroes game is an engaging and entertaining fantasy game that is the result of the R2 Games Studio game and is currently on the Google Play Store with a score of 4.3 from Android users around the world today that we are going to launch on the Android site. We will download it for download.

Clicker Heroes android game [/ caption]One of the great games of Steam and PC browsers for the Android platform has been released with new features. In the form of a beautiful play of simple role play, prepare for spending time and having fun!Ride on the adventure of the game to surf. An incredible storyline and storyline in a simple, fluid mood will smile on your lips. Attack on different monsters and the possibility of using stronger and more powerful monsters over multiple stages and the ability to apply various upgrades on each one in order to achieve their special abilities in the game to provide a sense of progress and evolution Make it to the end of the game and do not get tired of doing it anyway. Grab your monsters to collect points and gold in various missions and immerse yourself in the innovative and innovative world of play.

Clicker Heroes android game [/ caption]Main features of the game:

– Possibility to unlock fields and territories of extraordinary numbers among 1000 different types of locations by defeating monsters and ranks of stages.

– The ability to hire and increase the power of the heroes with more features and abilities unique and varied

– Ability to use more than 9 different skylines in each mission to be used in the battle

Raise your main hero so that your progress is influential and powerful

-Multiplayer mode to play with other users

  • Name: Clicker Heroes
  • Version: 2.4.1
  • Last update: Nov 13, 1396
  • Android version required: 3.0
  • Need for rout: no
  • Requires Data: No

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