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[MOD] Clash of Kings v4.21.0 Apk For Android

Download Clash of Kings 4.21.0 Battle of the Kings of Android

Lead over 7 different kingdoms and build your empire in the fantasy world, destroy your enemies and advance your path.

Clash of KingsClash of Kings

No one has a smartphone, a phablet, or even a tablet, but he has not heard the name Clash of clans . As you know, this title has been published in the style of strategy for various platforms and it’s safe to say that the most popular Android game in the world! When companies, big companies, or even small game teams saw the success of this style on different operating systems, they began to produce strategy games. Clash of Kings is also one of the category of Android-style strategy games launched by Google Play’s Elex Wireless gaming company. It may not be a serious rival for Clash of clans, but it’s popular among users, and has achieved significant success.

In this strategy game you have to lead over 7 different kingdoms and build your empire in the fantasy world and advance your path! If you are a fan of PVP and multiplayer games, this game is one of the best choices available on Google Play for you.

In Clash of Kings you have to enter a real and online challenge and compete with your friends and other players from all over the world and prove your abilities! Join one of the thousands of empires in the game and use all your efforts to attack and build resources and build your own powerful buildings to become the most powerful player in the game!

You must build your empire as a powerful and tyrannical king, collecting coins from different ways, building services, defenses, etc. for your city, and taxing them from them. If you are smart and able to show good performance, you are fast moving forward and you can easily expand your empire.

As mentioned in the paragraph above, Clash of Kings is an entertaining and entertaining style of strategy for the Android operating system, launched by the Elex Wireless gaming company. This popular title has hit nearly 100 million downloads during its release on Google Play and has earned an acceptable score of 4.2 out of 5. It’s interesting to know that nearly 2 million people have played a direct and effective role in registering the game’s worth.

Clash of Kings features

– Real online challenge with other players from around the world

– Real-time multiplayer strategy and war games!

– Collect resources to build your enormous empire

– Defend the rebellion of your enemies

– Build strong fortresses and defeat enemies

– Enjoy the battle and practice of PVP on Android phones and tablets

Changes Version 4.21.0

The killing of the battlefield is open to all the kingdoms 
– Battlefield Killing is a new daily PVP battlefield with all the participants having the same power.

  • Android version required: 2.3.3
  • Need rout: no
  • Requires Data: No

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