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[MOD] Castle Clash: Age of Legends v1.2.95 Direct Apk For Android

Play Castle Clash: Age Legends Castle Clash: Age of Legends v1.2.95 Android - mobile data + trailer

To building castles in the battle of strategic combat and breathtaking entertained for hours. 4.6 score by more than 3.7 million users everything about a strategic game is clear.

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No other person with your Android mobile platform strategy-style play but for once did not try that!This style quickly became very popular feature because freedom was something that many people were waiting for years. The success of this style was guaranteed from the beginning and after the introduction of Clash of clans all companies, corporations and even small game development team found that the strategy for Android OS is the most popular styles. But each time strategy game can not guarantee that it will achieve unmatched success, because the expectations of users increases and companies in recent years to keep their game will have a tough job ahead. However, we believe the company IGG.COM game perfectly able to stand up to this challenge and successful with the name Castle Clash: Age of Legends will be sent to Google.

Castle Clash: Age of Legends is a strategy that is as engaging and fun game IGG.COM sent by Google, and so far has experienced nearly 100 million downloads. This is the time of its release in Google gained a high popularity that won very good rating is 4.6 out of 5. It should be noted that the registration of more than 4 million people have played very good points.

Castle Clash, among the huge amount of strategy games released for the Android platform! Today we’re going on Andrvydkdh most addictive strategy game that has been released recently in the Google Play Store to download our inviting. It is worth noting that the game in the country and many American states is among the top 10 games and is also the most popular. And in other parts of the world have enjoyed a great welcome. Surely after seeing the trailer to 4.6 points in the Play Store you believe it. In this game you need to build a fortress of defense and strategic gathering also pay legendary heroes and become the biggest warlord in the various stages of the world. Must build an army that can include elves, dwarves, and even robots are different beasts. Remember the only factor that will play to win and be successful in conflict areas and squares provide you with nothing but the power of creativity. After this game will undoubtedly admit that one of the top games you’ve experienced in strategic style.

Castle Clash may not be able to compete with the popular game like Clash of clans but definitely a turn as a unique, fun and engaging for Android OS is in the strategy genre with various elements of the high popularity of the the user has found.

Features Castle Clash: Age of Legends

– Ability to create a strong army against the powerful forces

– Various tools to create the most favorable Castles

– View the Health fighters on their heads

– The lovely and interesting characters in the game

– Eye-catching graphics and pleasant music

Version 1.2.95

– Added a new hero to play: Medusa

– Added new decoration to play

– Improved matchmaking system in Guild Wars

Changes in version 2.1.92:

– Added new boss fights to play

– Added a button to play for a place to collect all sources

– Added battle records in the Battle Group

– Added new decorations to fit 10-year-old game developer studio

– Added new hero named Grimfiend

  • Android version required: 2.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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