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[MOD] Bus Rush v1.13 Apk For Android

Download Bus Rush Bus Rush v1.13 Android Game - Trailer Mobile

Ride on your snowboard and play on diverse roads and places, and, of course, busy with the game. Avoid collisions with buses, reject obstacles one by one and increase your records by progressing in the game.


Bus Rush is an amazing ride- on game for Android. You will experience the stupidest scenarios in urban buses in this game. To start the game, select one of the existing characters and enter the game. You will ride a snowboard forward. When faced with obstacles with height you can lift your finger up the screen upward to suit its height from the high and avoid collisions. To go left and right, do the same to the device screen with your finger in the direction you want. Note that you should not have to deal with trucks or buses at all. Run different scenarios around and collect all the coins as far as you can and do not let any of them go. There are lots of items in store for improving your performance that you can use to improve your UPS power . In the game, as you collect the coins in succession, a coin is placed next to it, which can multiply the coins collected by you .

Features of Bus Rush

– Select a character from 4 characters

– Amazing power ups : Super jump and multiplayer score

– Various scenarios for playing

– Avoid dealing with trucks and buses 

– Has a lot of interesting obstacles to continue moving

– Receive gifts on a daily basis

– Invite your Facebook friends to receive special rewards

– Ability to stop and continue playing

– There are various items in the game store to increase power such as increasing the amount of jumps and increasing coins and so on

Changes Version 1.13

– Added a coin shop

– Redesign the main game menu

– Minor bug fixes

  • Android version required: 2.3
  • Need for rout: no
  • Requires Data: No

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