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[MOD] Bladebound: free action rpg v0:50:09 Direct Apk + Data For Android

Play online bloody border Bladebound v0.50.09 Android - mobile data + mode + trailer

Bladebound one of the most graphic and most unique RPG-style titles that have been released for Android and at first glance you will be surprised!

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In the style of RPG titles that are produced for different platforms, to target a specific range of users because this style games did not sit well with everyone welcome. Tyshh fans of these titles are of course also especially desirable if the games storytelling and characterization also are correct. It is necessary to know the style RPG that more people would like to be fluent in English because most of these games, as mentioned earlier story form and the decisions you throughout the game on the general trend of the impact of the will be great.

Some of the topics covered in this genre for Android OS are produced, to reach an acceptable Moffitt and the audience perspective as popular as they are. Bladebound one of these categories is that the style RPG games for Android OS produced by Artifex Mundi has been sent to Google. As having accepted this story, graphics and different character to dare to be the best RPG style game for Android OS to take the title. Bladebound ever experienced nearly 50 thousand downloads and acceptable scored 4.3 out of 5 that were involved in the registration of more than 1,500 people.

New portal was opened to the world and human beings and many devils were entered into this world and try to destroy the world and spread their darkness everywhere. It happened a century ago and now the world is in darkness and chaos is everywhere. After a century of darkness, the time has come to you in your quest to define the role of the hero of the game to destroy all demons and to eliminate all Sykhvd at the expense of the darkness.

The world is now in the hands of demons and you are humanity’s last hope to save the world from the forces of darkness are. So grab your sword and without the slightest delay deployment of the enemy to break down the demons out of their land.Be careful of your surroundings, because dark forces everywhere can wear on your head and you loose debris.

Features Bladebound: free action rpg

– Gameplay and ultra-professional all-round game

– Super joystick and buttons set

– Use various items to expand their territory

– Make your way through many enemies Open

– Diverse environments and unparalleled

– Various ruins

– Loot enemies and more power

If you’re a fan of RPG style games on Android operating system, you’ll never propose not miss this fantastic title.

Version 00:50:09

– Fixed bugs

Version 0:49:02:

– Added new season in the Arena

– Fixed a problem play

Version 0:46:03:

– Now each of the items are unique abilities.

– Improved user interface and additional game items fever

– Added new challenge to play with the Necromancer’s Minions

  • Android version required: 4.2
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • The need for data: Yes

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