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[MOD] Bike Race Pro by TF Games v6.10 Direct Apk For Android

Play Motorcycle Bike Race Pro by T. F. Games v6.10 Android - mobile mode version

Bike Race Pro game exciting motorcycling gameplay is very smooth and the engine control racing game using accelerometer sensor is an Android phone.

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Motorcycle or car titles in the genre simulator for Android OS releases are usually well-located to a lot of supporters. Because this style of titles with the original flavor and excitement with their feet on the ground. Germans excitement these days unfortunately been removed from the lives of ordinary people and those who crave a little excitement, they are looking at their phones. After our offer to this category loved ones is an exciting game Motorcycle Bike Race Pro.

Bike Race Pro is the length of time in the studio racing style by Top Free Games welcomed into Google that the well is located. This Nvankh with $ 1 in the online store sold nearly 500 million downloads so far satisfied with the experience and holding the audience is also very good. So that Bike Race Pro won the high rating of 4.7 out of 5 which registered nearly 15 thousand people are involved.

Bike Race Pro by TF Games a motorcycle exciting motion-based play is the phone’s accelerometer. In this exciting game you control a racing engine in your hands and moving your phone can not control it. Game Bike Race Pro by TF Games is one of the best and most popular games for Android motorcycle is very smooth and has good gameplay. Control feature is very well designed game and you can play by touching the special move, such as braking, acceleration, and dramatic gestures do ….


Features Bike Race Pro by TF Games

– Ability to play for multiplayer

– Simple controls that you can easily dominated the game

– 14 different environment

– 128 beautiful music

– 16 motorcycles attractive

– Touch controls are very convenient

– Challenging obstacles

Changes Version 6.10

– Fixed bugs game

Changes in version 6.8:

– Standardization of key navigation Back

– Hide the navigation bar and run full-screen play

– Paz of play in the background when transmitted

Changes in version 6.5:

– Added a new tournament to play

Changes in version 6.4:

– Improved graphics options

– Bug fix multiplayer mode

– Other minor bug fixes

  • Android version required: 4.0
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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