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Play Bandits Berry Berry Bandits v0.6.8 Android - mobile mode version + trailer

Francisco entered the city and using its performance to solve the puzzle that has been provided and in some cases regions that are collapsing rebuilt old town and city decorate.

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BlackBerry maker bandits puzzle game by game studio Mantis Shrimp GmbH published for free in the Google Play store that had managed to attract the attention of more than 50 million Android users have. With the help of various characters Francisco’s major cities more beautiful than before, and the old locations will be built. Berry Bandits in the game provided a variety of puzzles that you must solve their own performance. Now, the correct way to do so is a puzzle? You have to like each other fruits and vegetables that are connected to each other or in some stage of the game to put them together. By doing this you can do a certain order to the city and puzzles that you intended to make. Also have the possibility to fully decorate the city. In some phases of the game are different parts of the falling and you have to destroy them with your performance right now. At higher levels the game gets harder and you have to pay to do the shooting fruit. Games that can support 100 unique missions with hours of exciting gameplay experience.

Berry Bandits features

– More than 100 unique missions

– There are different places to play

– The possibility of restructuring many regions in Francisco

– There are different characters in the game

– Ability to set different reactions

– The possibility of opening packages increased power

– Ability to travel to different parts of the city

– Ability to furnish Francisco city

Version 0.6.8

– Added 60 new levels to play with the new features in gameplay

– Soon new stores, new features and a better user interface and more fluid is added to the game

  • Android version required: 4.1
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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