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Before the lovely bee eat spiders! Save them and earn points. The game has 120 levels, challenge your mind and take the initiative. Spiders are faster or you?

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In the beautiful fantasy game Bee Bee Brilliantyour responsibility to bring them out of the trap cobweb spiders before the bees arrive! To fight the spiders and get ready to save her from them.

Comments reputable sites About the game:

– Bee Brilliant one of the best games in the genre puzzle and puzzle solving that has been designed and lovely music. (Famous site AppSpy.com)

– The game is very loveable. Highly addictive gameplay with stunning soundtrack. (Site NaijahYasmin)

– This game is very challenging and lovely. (Site coozoe)

Bee Brilliant Features

– Mental and addictive gameplay! Colorful blurry one after another come out and save your

– 6 different levels in the game with over 120 challenging stages

– Compete with your friends and register a new record.

– Interesting property and loved in games like Ms. Bee, kind and … Sgt.

– Lovely songs in the game Bees design with your hands

– Different game modes such as collecting honey, giant spiders fight

Version 1.28.4

– New stages in the far north the land of bees

– A new song

– Earn new achievements in the Viking Challenge

Version 1.28.2:

– Added location Beeland winter with new levels to play

– Added new and beautiful songs for a new location

– Member of Beeland Vikings challenges and earn rewards with your friends

  • Android version required: 4.0.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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