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[MOD] BADLAND v3.2.0.29 Direct Apk + Data For Android

Download beautiful game graphics BADLAND v3.2.0.29 Android - mobile data + mode

BADLAND as one of the best games released for the Android operating system and has a very beautiful and challenging gameplay experience to date could be downloaded millions of times.

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BADLAND without a doubt one of the best games that have been released for Android! The game has more than 7 million times on different operating systems installed! According to the site AppSmile The game has a unique gameplay which at least one must experience it!

Some of the awards:

– Nordic Indie Sensation Award in Northern Europe (2013)

– Won the best play Europe in 2012

– Award winning SCEE Europe in 2012

Bad lands a nice game and adventure in the jungles of gorgeous and full of trees and plants happen! This forest is very beautiful and sometimes looks like a magical forest. But here is the problem, if something is not right, and strange things happen! However you when the issue will take control of one of the inhabitants of the forest. Start your adventure and see what has happened to this lovely forest. On the way there are many obstacles and traps, so be careful account.


Features BADLAND

– There are 100 exciting and challenging levels in single player with multiple updates will increase

– There are 23 levels in up to 4 player multiplayer mode that will support and updates with multiple levels of enhanced

– There COOPERATIVE supports 4 player mode: In this mode you should try at levels designed by your friends live.

– There are levels of functionality Editor: This ability can design your own levels and share them. This level has not been edited in any way and you are able to change all the elements are the game’s official levels.

– Added new levels at all times

– There is a simple controller design and innovative educational mobile applications. It will also support physical game controller

– High-level and professional design of sounds and images in the game

– Optimized for phones, tablets and Android TV

– Supports full of cloud and Immersive mode

– Added more content levels and future updates


– Fixed some issues and improve overall game performance

Changes in version

– Added an exciting stage in the Eternal Day

– Design: Linker with the proper functioning of the hive

– Fixed a problem with the impossibility of passing the stages in Coop

– Fixed many small bugs

Changes in version

– One of the biggest updates the game with the added ability to manually build a stage inside the game

– From now on you can design your own with new features to stage or stages of the game to your own taste.

– Share your manufacturing processes with other players around the world

– Play and rate levels that other players have made it.

– Each week, the best step made by the player selected as one of the main stages will be added to the game and its features all the players mentioned in the main menu.

  • Android version required: 4.0.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • The need for data: Yes

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