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[MOD] Aquapolis – Build a megapolis v1:24:41 Apk Download Now !

Play the construction of metropolitan Aquapolis. Free city building! v1.24.41 Android - mobile mode version + trailer

While the unveiling of the secrets of Earth’s formation pay, to build a submarine’s all get busy city. 4.5 score for a game simulator define everything.

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Aquapolis-Build a megapolis game “of Metropolis” and offer a fun game for Android is an operating system simulator and arcade style game Candy Grill by now been made. The title of Android games to management gameplay interesting and glamorous, unique fancy graphics and astounding characters and elements in the world has managed to attract many users and hours on phones and tablets the Android fun. It is worth noting that as of Android games up to this moment has won afantastic 4.5 rating from users around the globe is sent.

Do you know what will happen to the Earth in the distant future? Because the planet is covered with water? Do other intelligent beings on the planet lives changed? In this game you have to find answers to these questions are in your path and your mobile will be a wise professor and valuable to her of knowledge and information to face the challenges enjoy. Other helpers are at your side as a charismatic captain to set up a working group to help local residents and the city deserted and haunted thriving metropolis turned to them. All your creativity to define the modern city and everything in consideration to create basic infrastructure.

Features Aquapolis – Build a megapolis

– Ability to create more than 80 kinds of unique buildings and decorations

– Solve a variety of secret and wonderful missions

– Ability to create and invent new technologies

– Ability to collect means for reconstruction and optimization

– Extraordinary three-dimensional graphics

Version 1:24:41

– Fixed a problem in the previous version, and improve overall game performance

Version 1:23:30:

– Added a magical crystal Christie store

– Possibility to install the game on your Android Wear watch

– Improved game performance and fixes some problems

Version 1:22:22:

– Improve overall game performance

Version 1:21:10:

– Celebrate Easter in Aquapolis!

– Build unique homes

– Interior design (decoration)

– Added new missions

Version 1:20:12:

– User-friendly environment in the Play Store

– Flags of the new countries have been added

– Ability to play with language Turkish

– Added animations and resolution of problems

  • Android version required: 4.0.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • The need for data: Yes

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