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[MOD] Angry Birds Seasons v6.6.2 Apk is Available !

Download Angry Birds Seasons Angry Birds Seasons v6.6.2 Android - Includes Moud

Come along with the lovely Ravio Birds to fight the bad guys and destroy them in the form of exciting missions and challenging games.

The Angry Birds Seasons game is a charming arcade theme that has recently been featured and featured by the renowned and popular Rovio Entertainment Company, and has been completely released on the Google Play Store. The leading game, with a combined score of around 1 million and 600 thousand people, has experienced a high score of 4.3 out of 5.0 and more than 500 million downloads, indicating a modest popularity among Android users.

The game, as its name implies, will enter into a unique and fascinating season with every update, each with an exciting and exclusive story line. Like other famous titles, the gameplay will be followed by a series of angry birds as signposts to pig’s buildings. With the advancement in the game, the rules of physics also come into play and you have to use them correctly to destroy bad guys.

In the latest update, a new season called Piggywood Studios will begin, and you will enter into an exciting storyline with excite missions on your way to the Island of Pigs (the island that was featured in the animated Angry Birds), and your goal is to destroy the pigs. . The game graphics are also followed by a cartoon that will create happy and sometimes funny moments in the game, which will help the player with boredom.

The story of the new season is similar to the story of the animated birds of Angry, where the pigs stole the eggs of the birds and prepare it for dinner on their island. You have a chance to work in the form of 17 challenging and beautiful stages. Unfinished


Features of Angry Birds Seasons

– There are 28 beautiful and exciting chapters, each with stories and unique gameplay

– More than 800 challenging and engaging levels that will entertain you for a long time

– Use boosters and special powers at difficult and challenging levels of play

– If you win 4 stars at any of the levels, you will receive a valuable prize

Changes Version 6.6.2

– Now the Halloween party game is coming!

– Added 24 new stages to the game

– Added new challenges and other features

Changes Version 6.3.1:

– Added the first part of the Lagger Piggywood Studios

– Added 17 new levels to the game

– Added 4 new bonus levels

– The second part of the Piggywood Studios will also be added to the game

Tips on playing the game

– The typical version and game mode on the Xperia Z1 are Android 5.1.1 tested and healthy.

– The game is completely offline.

– There is an unlimited amount of coins in the mode, with which you can buy special powers!

  • Name: Angry Birds Seasons
  • Version: 6.6.2
  • Last updated: June 3, 1397
  • Android version required: 4.1
  • Need for rout: no
  • Requires Data: No

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