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[MOD] Angry Birds Go v2.2.10 Direct Apk For Android

Play games Angry Birds Angry Birds Go! v2.2.10 Android - mobile mode version + trailer

A different and unique game Angry Birds series of games in which you play as one of the famous characters stressful to drive and race with all kinds of fancy cars pay.

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Beautiful and exciting racing downhill on the island of pigs Welcome! Yes, this time in the game Angry Birds Go You must log in with their island and racing pigs. The tournament is for downhill, along the way you will be greeted with many twists and turns, so be very careful! In this game you have to watch out for the other opponent addition to being the lookout road because you have an item that can make you deviate from the original route!

In this game you can choose characters and compete pigs or birds, and pigs can also Prndngan including: red bird, yellow, pig mustache and many other characters in the title and with it to play.Roads meandering, unpredictable enemies and wonderful environment to play can entertain you for hours. We recommend you do not miss this game.

Features! Angry Birds Go

– Includes multiplayer modes team

– Beautiful three-dimensional graphics and highly detailed fantasy

– Driving exciting gameplay

– Having amazing power-ups

Version 2.2.10

– Fixed some minor problems for better driving experience on the island

Changes in version 2.0.30:

– A fundamental change to improve campaign mode

– New upgrade system

– Added timed tournaments

– Daily Tournaments

– A new management system

  • Android version required: 2.3.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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