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[MOD] Angry Birds Fight! RPG Puzzle v2.5.1 Direct Apk For Android

Play Fighting Angry Birds Angry Birds Fight! RPG Puzzle v2.5.1 Android - mobile mode version

Angry Birds has gathered a team of powerful and real-time strategy battles attend. In the style of puzzle games and is very popular among Android gamers.

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 Angry Birds FightAngry Birds Fight

Play Angry Birds Fight! RPG Puzzle is an attractive title on the puzzle genre that has just been made by the company Rovio popular and completely free in the Google Play Store are presented. It is also leading the game so far with a total of about 275 thousand votes up 4.3 points from 5.0 and more than 50 million downloads has experienced that shows the popularity of the game among Android users is.

As mentioned, the game Angry Birds Fight! In the style of puzzle and RPG Puzzle Match-3 gameplay for titles made. A strong team of Angry Birds to collect and real-time strategy battles against other players around the world attend.

Competition for real-time play for your team against another team and users will be. With more get the win valuable prizes and receive unique items, and you can use them to upgrade your team’s abilities birds. Also advancing in your birds can play all kinds of powerful weapons and items to equip and increase the efficiency of them during the battle. It should also be mindful of protecting them with a wide range of different suits of armor also improve their defense. It should be noted that each of the birds in the game has a special ability that you can use them at the right time and place.

The mysterious island to explore and challenging missions it to obtain weapons, items and valuable prizes complete. You are lurking pigs. Keep an eye on.


Features of Angry Birds Fight! RPG Puzzle

– Competitive real-time with other players around the world

– Match-3 gameplay style that best designed.

– Use powerful birds with unique capabilities to gain more victories

– Use special abilities of each of the birds

– Acquire powerful weapons and armor to customize the birds

– Use special items to increase health, attack strength and improve the skills of birds

– Get coins by winning more and buy equipment through the Play store

– Get unique items for free and chance

Version 2.5.1

– Added several new and exciting mission

– By completing missions game Angry Birds upgrade skills and get valuable prizes!

Tips on the run game

– The regular version of the game mode on the phone with Android 5.1.1 Xperia Z1 is tested and safe.

– Online game and requires a permanent connection to the Internet!

– Loading mode version in the first run of the game in a very long and may not run properly on some phones!

  • Android version required: 4.0
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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