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[MOD] Airport Scanner v1.6.1 Direct Apk For Android

Download Airport Scanner Airport Scanner v1.6.1 Android games - cell mode version + trailer

In charge of monitoring means passengers must provide security of flights and using X-ray scanner unauthorized items and objects to detect and treat passengers.

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Airport Scanner to play interesting, airport scanner operation speed and addictive Welcome!Continue your job in five different airports, upgrade your x-ray scanner and a 21 point game successfully leave behind. A large number of impatient passengers daily and evil people unfit to import all kinds of objects into airplanes. Now your job is in constant bustle and endless illegal airport of items identified belongings and luggage and, of course, flights are on time to accomplish. To make things easy, you are assigned an x-ray scanner that can enhance it using a variety of power-ups. Three of organizational factors on your side are also tough to get rid of any person to reduce the problem. We have to admit that the game as one of the best games in 20 selected countries.

Some of the terms and Tmjydaty authorities have given airport scanner Android game:

– Capsule: an amazing and addictive game

– SlidetoPlay: Who knew the job so interesting airport security

– Modojo: the gameplay is very interesting and fire which has been prepared by combining time management style

Airport Scanner game you can choose not to charge an x-ray scanner that is very similar to the real devices. Should identify illegal items. First Class passengers plus crew, all are rushing to miss his flight and duty time Czech if you can not do the luggage will rebel! Day-to-day work gets harder airport, passengers will refer new and unauthorized items will be seen mostly among travelers means to you from a beginner to the professional officer scanner scans the airfield. Various Achievements to earn your X-ray machine that you can use them to upgrade your scanner. If you ever wished to seize the airport scanner have made this game for you!

Play “airport scanner” is an interesting game, which is fun and acclaimed Kzhval game style and game development studio Kedlin Company has been made. The title of Android games due to a highly addictive gameplay and unique, something special and unique in style and also the diversity of Germany is very high can be a good option to spend leisure time you are on the Android phones.It is worth noting that this game Android enforcement, thanked and has over 5 million downloads on the official Play Store has experienced.

Airport Scanner Features

– 21 missions are very challenging and great fun

– 5 Interesting in-town airport, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Chicago, Aspen and London

– There are real Prohibited items seized

– Use XRAY 2000 as one of the top devices x-ray machine for luggage travel

– Control of passengers to board the plane with just a touch

– Earn achievements to improve the scanner to determine the penalties for travelers

– A large number of rare items

– Ability to monitor the process of play in the logbook

– There are XRAY shop to buy upgrades and

– Ability to Earn over 25 different Achievements

  • Android version required: 4.0.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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