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[MOD] Age of Wushu Dynasty v5.0.5 Direct Apk For Android

Play Wushu Age of Wushu Dynasty v5.0.5 Android - mobile mode version + trailer

Struggling to pay your enemies and destroy them with dramatic gestures and jumping. Role-playing game in the style of graphics and gameplay will be challenging.

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Games and sports such as wushu veteran playmaker Snail Games USA Inc is supplied by the company and had been welcomed by thousands of people.Four different types of martial arts schools located within the game is that you can choose one of them if desired and foot combat set in a completely different direction in the game. After you select one of the schools has come to turn the school into heroes by the enemies advice, should act in a timely manner to surprise enemies and destroy them. You can even show off all the techniques of wushu developer is given the opportunity to destroy your enemies with the long jump. Each level of the game in a different location that is designed to incorporate several of these areas for you an example: the forest and the city is much to be seen.

Note: The game can be done online and Internet access is required for use.

.t.r F.y.l enabled to run the game breaker.

Data is available for download through the game.

Features of Age of Wushu Dynasty

– Environment and unique new gameplay

– Ultra-realistic graphics and HD

– There are different types of animations and short plays performed by different

– Sound exciting

– There are four different classes

– Award for Best Mobile Game E3

Version 5.0.5

– Added new dungeon game called Peacock Villa

– Added Russian and Thai to play sounds

– Added all options for Indonesia

– Optimization and bug fixes in the game

  • Android version required: 4.0.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • The need for data: Yes

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