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[MOD] AbyssRium v1.1.6 Direct Apk For Android

Play depths of the ocean AbyssRium v1.1.6 Android - mobile mode version

Your aquarium full launch on Android devices. The game simulates the beautiful small and large ocean fish the size of a simulator, is faced with a great welcome.

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Game AbyssRium in the depths of the ocean and surrounding cliffs to the sea floor and everything was silent. You have to Corallite only, make friends, and his absolute solitude in the vast ocean rescue.By collecting souls can new fish and make friends with them. This place has everything for a perfect and luxurious underwater world there. In this world there is no operating stressful and you capture the sense of calm around there. Watching new creatures are swimming in the deep sea are enjoyed and listen to music rhythm game. Take advantage of the space inspired game. In this endless variety of fish and corals in various colors to eat.

At the same time the growth of fish and aquatic organisms Corallite you live longer by your side.From the smallest fish to huge blue whales have been prepared for you a real sense of presence in the aquatic world using your Android device. The vast game world more beautiful with every life that will be added to it. Only one touch is enough to make a variety of sea creatures such as fish and corals to get there. The photographic capabilities in order to watch the small fish and large free and different angles has been prepared for you.Everything is simulated with great care and finesse, crying a little water drops Wall and all experience as an underwater bring NJ.

AbyssRium play an interesting game, beautiful and popular for Android is an operating system simulator and arcade style by IDLE Idea Factory Game Studios has been made. The title of the Android game due to having beautiful graphics and unique, there are a variety of sea creatures and also very interesting theme styles can be one of the best options, especially for the simulation genre Methuselah. It is worth noting that this game has won this moment astounding score of 4.8 by more than 35,000 users all over the globe in the Play Store.


Features AbyssRium

– Simple control interface and effortless

– Very beautiful voice with regard to the fine sound of the ocean

– To continue the process of playing on multiple devices

– Supports virtual reality to create a double image to be used in virtual reality headset

Version 1.1.6

– Fixed a game crash in VR mode

– Fixed a problem not appear new fish in VR mode

– Fixed a problem related to corals in the game

  • Android version required: 4.4
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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