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Microsoft PowerPoint v16.0.7030.1005 Direct Apk Download

Download Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft PowerPoint v16.0.7030.1005 Android - mobile version of x86 + trailer

Microsoft PowerPoint is a familiar name in order to build and edit application, and display text files, and video projects in conferences and office locations and so on.

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Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft PowerPoint is the official app for smartphones and tablets is real and which is available for free for public use.PowerPoint is an application and is known to display various files that conference and office locations etc. are used. From the popular software can be found in your mobile Android device. With this program is beautiful without having to computer files at the conference and made public speeches and edit them quickly when necessary.PowerPoint best option to increase your productivity in the speech, which enjoyed a successful conference to present you the catalog.Presentations always on your side you have your portfolio and even for the security of They arestored in the cloud space to all the places and times of access. PowerPoint version of Android to view, create and edit documents in a device with a 10.1-inch screen and less free offer.

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OS version: KitKat (4.4.X) or higher

1 GB of RAM or higher

– Create a free account or login to Microsoft

Microsoft PowerPoint is powerful software in your hands

Features of Microsoft PowerPoint

– View tables, charts, SmartArt, transitions, animations tailored to the Site Definition Display

– Ability to use built-in computer Pavypvynt

– Continue to display the page you last left off

– Ability to print contents of a project made

– Preserve content and formatting when you view files in Mkynash, Windows

– A large number of fonts, images, tables, text boxes, shapes, transition

– Ability to share files by e-mail

– More than 10,000,000 downloads from Google Market

Changes in version 16.0.7030.1005

Save time and concentrate on the task of finding the right recipe, when you need it

Changes in version 16.0.6925.1010:

– Added the superscript and subscript

– Create columns of text divided into columns for easy reading

Quick access to commands using multiple fingers

Changes in version 16.0.6430.1010:

– Automatic: we automatically save your last change to go out and just comfortable! This feature is completely under your control and you can turn it off.

Design your desired image into the program, we will take it up with the idea of professional qualityslide will supply you.

– Version History: Go back to view or restoreprevious versions of documents

Collaborative writing: working with others ondocuments at the same time as a group

Insert photos from camera to take a picture with your camera recorded directly into your PowerPoint.

  • Android version required: 4.4
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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