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Microsoft Outlook v2.2.39 Direct Apk For Android

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Microsoft August Luke is an application tool for managing the professional and powerful mail services of various Microsoft-style phones on Android phones and tablets.

Microsoft Outlook is the official Microsoft software for managing email accounts on Android phones and tablets. This program will help you to access and manage your email, calendar, contacts, andattachments with an integrated view . August Luke, originally released in the Microsoft Office suite for Windows operating system, was highly welcomed by users, and with the advent of Android’s popularity, this software application was also specifically available for Android phones and tablets. This program is capable of separating and displaying important and important parts of incoming messages that will save you time. With this program you will be able to manage all your emails in a single application. After logging in to your account, you can quickly check your inbox and delete trivial messages and archive important emails. Microsoft’s August Luke is compatible with Office 365 , Microsoft Exchange , Hotmail , Gmail , Yahoo andiCloud . You will no longer need to install a variety of software to manage your email in different services.

Microsoft Outlook has been released by the renowned Microsoft Corporation developer for Android users, and has been installed on more than 50 million Android devices so far, with a good score of 3.9 out of 5 in Google Play.

Microsoft Outlook features

Inbox (Inbox):

Remove or archive emails in this inbox very quickly.Sort emails based on various items.

Attached files :

View attached attachments accompanying emails in any format and in any volume, and save as necessary in your Dropbox account.

Quick and smart search:

Sort your mailbox with just one hit based on various items like unread messages, date, etc. Use the search menu to type the word you want to quickly see the result.

Changes Version 2.2.39

– Improved program stability and performance

Changes Version 2.1.166:

 Improved high contrast mode

– Performance improvements for users without subject matter 

Changes Version 2.1.144:

– Find and read people easily by tapping on @

– Send events to others by forwarding

Changes Version 2.1.110:

– Improved support for duplicate events

– Editing , canceling and responding to an individual or general event of the program by Office 365 users

Changes Version 2.1.8:

– Introducing the new calendar app , a new way toview all tasks, events and notes in one place.

– Try connecting your Facebook, Wunderlist, or Evernote accounts to the software, which will appear in the Magic Event Calendar!

– Added support for the .EML format

Changes Version 2.0.24:

– All files and attachments stored on the phone

  • Android version required: 4.0.3
  • Need for rout: no
  • Requires Data: No

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