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Microsoft Outlook v2.1.74 Direct Apk For Android

Email management software download Microsoft Outlook v2.1.74 Android

Microsoft Outlook Email professional and powerful system utility for managing various services to Microsoft-style phones and tablets Android.

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Microsoft Official Microsoft Outlook software to manage email accounts on Android phones and tablets. This app helps you with a unified view ofemail, calendar, contacts, and attachments access and manage them. First in the package Microsoft Office Outlook that was released for Windows OS users was very welcome and the progress and the increasing popularity of Android, this application specifically for Android phones and tablets was available. It provides the ability to isolate and display the incoming message is important and significant that will save you time. It helps your ability to manage all of your emails in a single application will have. After logging in to your account to your inbox Czech and speed can delete unimportant messages and archive important emails as well. Microsoft Outlook with Office 365,Microsoft Exchange, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, iCloudis fully compatible. You no longer need to install software from a variety of different services to manage their emails again.

Microsoft Outlook by renowned developerMicrosoft Corporation and has so far been released for Android users while Google earns a good rating of 3.9 out of 5, based on more than 50 million Android devices have been installed.

Features Microsoft Outlook

Inbox (Aynaks):

Incoming mail in the Inbox very quickly delete or archive. Sort incoming email based on variety.


Emails with attachments of any format and at any volume to view and save your Dropbox account if necessary.

Smart quick search:

Your inbox based on various items such as unread messages, etc. A single tap on order. Using search menu, type the desired word to immediately see the result.

Version 2.1.74

– Fix bugs and improve application performance

Changes in version 2.1.8:

– The introduction of new software Calendar, a new way to view all tasks, events and notes in one place

– Try accounts, Facebook, Wunderlist or Evernote software to connect via the application menu that will appear in the calendar magic thing!

– Added support for .EML format

Changes in version 2.0.24:

– Storing all files and attachments in the phone

  • Android version required: 4.0.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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