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Microsoft Health v1.3.20708.1 Direct Apk Download

Download software, Microsoft Health Microsoft Health v1.3.20708.1 Android

Using powerful software Microsoft heart rate and calories gained during 24 hours and sync Facebook account with the app to invite friends to challenge sports.

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Microsoft Health called the official app for smartphones and tablets is Microsoft’s health. The program set health goals and practical insights will help you to have a better life. Beautiful and full color design feels good in your program and you can record data via a powerful web-based dashboard control. Cycling and jogging and hiking of the most important choices of individuals to achieve a fitness and weight loss and your personal track your activities using GPS can now order your individual and group exercise programs. With this app you can for 24 hours of activity, heart rate, calories you consume per day, the number of steps you take and so informed. With training, 24-hour heart rate monitoring and automatic counting activity, to maximize your fitness.

Microsoft Health Another useful application created by renowned developer Microsoft Corporation presented and won a good rating of 3.9 out of 5 download in the Google Play store and more than 100 thousand has been allocated to the official.

Features of Microsoft Health

– Beautifully designed full color

– Tracking customized physical activity

– Track your heart rate Activity

Automatic counting activities

– Smart and step count those steps – Android 4.4 and higher

– Get Ntjyh better using email and calendar synchronization and alerts

Version 1.3.20708.1

Connect and compete with friends

– Holding group challenges and record the results obtained by the user

– Compare the bike with your friends on Facebook

– Use the “Kurta” Microsoft Cortana as a personal assistant activity

– Increased accuracy of data recorded using the Microsoft Band 2

– Send notifications when fully charged smart wristband

Bug fixes

  • Android version required: 4.2
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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