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Microsoft Cortana v1.9.11.1329 Direct Apk For Android

Download software Cortana Microsoft Cortana v1.9.11.1329 Android

Intelligent personal assistant Cortana Microsoft with the ability to track flights, stock information, routing, run the program, set an alarm, send email and more.

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Microsoft Cortana Cortana app for Android phones and tablets by well-known company Microsoft is developing. Cortana Microsoft’s Smart Personal Assistant, first released specifically for the Windows Phone operating system. According to the features and functionality of the Microsoft set out to develop an intelligent assistant for the popular operating system Android. Interestingly, the name of the personal assistant of the characters in the video game series Halo is artificial intelligence.Cortana is a smart personal assistant when working with the computer and the phone will help you a lot. Cortana everything that you would expect from an assistant provides to you. With this app you no appointments and recreational programs, etc. to miss work. If you’re at home or work or even when you are driving on a road with you and what you will do. You can ask any question in your mind of Cortana or ask it to send an email to one person business or friendly. While you’re busy doing something Cortana an app or game you want to play. Cortana only to run the program and do not work everyday and you can get everything you need out of it. This program is very useful for regional and easily with your voice in it language, culture and speech patterns that match. It is now for 6 languages German, Spanish, English, Chinese,Italian and French is available in 10 different regions. Microsoft is adding new features to Cortana least one step ahead of the other assistants like Siri and Google’s.

Microsoft Cortana by renowned developer Microsoft Corporation released and so far as that earns a good rating 4 out of 5 on Google Play,Android is installed on over 500 million devices.

Features of Microsoft Cortana

– Set a reminder on your PC and phone location and time

– Use Notebook Cortana for viewing, editing and management interests

– Receive information and answers to all your questions

– Entertainment with an intelligent assistant telling jokes, etc.

– Find common language and conversational threads

– Direct search in search engine Bing (will require a proprietary plugin installed on the browser)

– Keep track of flights, packages, stock information and other important information.

– Routing, execution of the program, set an alarm, send an email

– Create an event in the calendar, chat and talk to Cortana, etc.


– Bug fixes and performance improvements program


– Render faster and better Homepage

Remind more accurate and stimulation deviceswith Android N

– Better sound notifications for reminders

– Pull down to refresh recall

Changes in version

– Bug fixes listening mode in devices with Android 4.x

– Bug Fixes an issue when importing content sensor reminders

Changes in version

– Questions asked and answers incoming yourself with Cortana to remind the save.

Improve the overall performance of the popular “Hey Cortana”

Changes in version

Optimizing the use of batteries on some phones or Ndrvydy

Changes in version

Reduce battery drain by optimizingsynchronization features Cortana

  • Android version required: 4.1
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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