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Mi Fit v2.2.6 Direct Apk For Android

Download software bracelets Xiaomi Mi Fit v2.2.6 for Android

Information from the smart wristband Xiaomi, including steps taken, distance traveled, calories, etc. Svazndh to transfer and manage your smartphone.

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Xiaomi Mi Fit software for phones and tablets Android bracelets. One of the newest gadgets health smart wristbands for smartphone users and people using them can obtain information and statistics about the activities carried out. Chinese company Xiaomi is one of the companies that provide goods with good facilities at an affordable price. You use the smart wristband steps the company can calculate. In this case, the steps taken by you to display the distance traveled there for you. The culmination of these clauses calculate the amount of calories burned during the day and it should be noted that the pedometer can also check the status of your sleep. You can get this important information and scheduling application for your exercise designed to get better results than ever before. With this program you can all the data on the smartphone and mobile computing in pedometer to transfer to a better control on their condition do. It is interesting to know that the use of this bracelet is not only in the field of health and medicine can make phone calls or text messages to the user by the three LED indicators and vibration alert.

Mi Fit presented by the developer Xiaomi Technology for Android users and has so far won 3.6 points out of 5 and more than 1 million downloads on Google Play also has experienced official.

Mi Fit features

– Following the health and fitness using data from the wristband day and night

Monitor and track sleep quality

– Your day with a good feeling to hear the birds start alarm.

– View the status of personal information

– Share progress and stats with friends and acquaintances online and Facebook

– Unlock the Bluetooth devices using MI BAND(only on Android 5.0 or Mi 3, Mi 4, and Redmi Note 4G is available.)

MI BAND vibrate when you receive voice calls and text messages

Compare and compete with friends using chat

Version 2.2.6

– Debugging

Changes in version 2.2.4:

– View on the screen Mi Band 2

  • Android version required: 4.4
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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