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His empire was built and equipped with defensive buildings and all sorts of traps protect it. You may also build a strong army to attack enemy territories and the looting of their resources.

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All titles in the genre of strategy for the Android operating system are released, do not have a chance to gain high popularity. Because due to the popularity of the game Clash of clans all titles that are produced in this genre are compared with this incredibly addictive game and all games would be Clash of clans can not compete with. But in the meantime, popular titles, attractive and fun to be found in the unique and positive credit score is considered to be the manufacturer. Lords & Castles is also a member of the super fun games studio games Codigames sent by Google and has nearly 50 million downloads have experienced. It also won as acceptable rating is 4.2 out of 5 that it is better to know than 1,400 people were involved in the registration of these points!

Like many other strategy games in this title shall be your territory and with proper management it’s not powerful. Your task as a king is to put in place the appropriate means of defense and deadly traps to protect their land and using the solid wall of resistance against the alien army you to the death.

With the advance in the game you can add a different technology, building defenses and upgrade your army to protect it against the onslaught of alien enemies and also to expand your land has become one of the most dangerous kings of the century. Do not rush too much as you days, months and even years to strengthen its military defenses and you have opportunities every day can add to the glory of their country.

In this game everything is not one-sided, if aliens can attack you so you can retaliate with them and with their formidable attacks, aliens’ve killed. You can defeat your enemy with stolen their land and resources to enhance and strengthen our better use of them. Too much should not be proud to hand over hand as much loot as you can see, the aliens will also bookmark your land and the only thing you can do, the strengthening of protection for mostly the resistance!

In addition to the walls of the fortified defensive tool, you can use the ditch and terrible traps and trap your enemies they’ve killed one by one and quite effortlessly. It is obvious that you should keep an eye on the sixth part because the enemy attacks you, you can also collect traps and trenches to be caught and put down your (ies). After all intelligence, wisdom and skills to operate until the right time and the right place to make best use of your power and defeat a powerful enemy.

Several elements have been included in the game to make you more excited to continue playing! For example, the defense noted that many different tools, each of the charges for which you are special features for you to bring.

You may also be interested in an alliance of war in terms of its various members and epic battles, thrilling experience that it is far more individual attacks and is more attractive. It should be noted that the game’s graphics are also at an acceptable level for a game in the strategy genre seems quite satisfied.


Features Lords & Castles

– Design your own empire and equip it with defenses and traps

– The attack on the territory of the other players, and defend your land against them

– Chat with friends and other gamers

– All parts and game modes are completely free.

– Connect to your Google account to save game

– Optimized for Android phones and tablets

If you’re a fan of strategy games are as engaging and fun never lost and download it now.

Version 1.32

– Fix problems and optimize game performance

Tips on the run game

– The regular version of the game on the phone with Android 5.1.1 Xperia Z1 is tested and safe.

– Play online and requires a permanent connection to the Internet.

  • Android version required: 4.0.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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