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With this smart glass blocks, concrete, etc. Handle and red rays guided to the path you specified.

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Or if more accurate to speak of the virtual world, the world of games, where the real-world constraints in there and maybe that’s why we are so far hundreds of thousands of titles in dozens of different styles so far only for Android OS have been produced. (If we do not consider Windows games!) In a variety of styles that have been produced for this popular operating system, perhaps one of its most popular, is the puzzle genre. Titles puzzle genre is probably still in the minds of some people, associated with an intellectual game boring and quite far from thrilling, but it helps to know that thanks to the creative minds of developers, in recent years strongly developed and puzzle titles in this we see different gameplay styles. One of the most popular and the most popular puzzle style games, Lazors is that different gameplay, engaging, fun and exciting achieved significant success in your company is proud.

Lazors as one of the best games for the Android OS is a style puzzle game Pyrosphere into being established by the time of its release in Google Play as well Moffitt achieved. The challenge and fun as ever has experienced nearly 50 million downloads and 120 million won from the perspective of an acceptable rating is 4.1 out of 5.

The gameplay is very simple, fluent and understandable so that in the initial stage of the game you will notice that your task is and what they must do to advance the process. In all phases of the game with a red X, and various blocks’ll be faced with a variety of features that gradually increased the number of these blocks and will work harder for you. The only thing you need to do is to move blocks from the yaw red rays and listed the pass. This work is at an early stage in Easy difficulty level will be like eating a glass of cool water, but with advances in process and diversification of the blocks harder and harder it gets to the point where you may have to spend your time the hours stage play!

In the early stages at your disposal is only one kind of block that features both emit light like a mirror for symmetry, but at higher levels with the other blocks and you will be faced varied features. For example, there are games like transparent glass blocks and absorbs light rays at an angle to his opposition. Or even blocks that acted like a concrete wall and no path for passing light, Mstnqym them.

The game has 28 different modes and three different difficulty levels, Easy, Medium and Hard. Each of these modes also record a total of 10 stages and 280 exciting levels the game, the package will be charming and lovely. We offer in the first game of the Easy difficulty level is the most convenient way possible, because if you want to use from the beginning of the Hard mode will eat not only the problem but also among different blocks also do not know which features none confused you become.

According to the game’s graphic style puzzle and its small size and never annoying assessment would be perfectly acceptable. Sound may not play as great or even good review, but nonetheless sound effects overall were not bad although it would prefer.Surprisingly, the number of phases of play is very high and all the elements have been designed in accordance with the laws of physics.

With the advance in the game more and more as if from the dead Lazors interested and puzzle genre, you probably without realizing it, you will get many hours of their time!

Features Lazors

– Style puzzle game challenging and exciting at the same time

– Different gameplay we’ve seen in fewer games!

– There are different elements and different blocks with unique features

– There are 3 different difficulty levels Easy, Medium and Hard

– There are 28 different modes

– There are 280 different steps that you will not repeat never!

– Low volume

– Relatively good graphics

– Effects not too good but acceptable

– Relatively high popularity on Google Play

– The attractive, fun and exciting

– Addictive puzzle genre titles for the fans!

– completely free

If you’re a fan of puzzle genre or even two Tyshh titles that you want to achieve for a change of strategy games, war, adventure, and … stop, Lazors special offer to your loved ones is Andrvydkdh site. The title of this little volume is never lost and it now safe and tested version download it from the link below.

  • Android version required: 2.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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