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Kill Shot v3.7 Apk For Android

Download Deadly Shot Deadly Kill Shot v3.7 Android

Become a professional shooter and engage in dangerous and complex missions, and also secretly destroy your enemies.

Kill ShotKill Shot

In Kill Shot, you are a professional shooter and must be on a dangerous and complex mission. With access to powerful weapons, you must complete a mission secretly. Travel to the enemy’s territory and secretly destroy the secret and important goals and return without leaving a footprint. Keep your gun always ready, zoom in to better identify your goal … Take a deep breath and shoot.

Welcome to Kill Shot and your first-person shooter adventure in Android Gadgets.

Exciting first person shooter missions

You are in the role of a special officer of special operations and you have to fulfill your assigned duty in violent military attacks in the best possible manner. In various invasive and secret stages, you must shoot precise and deadly shootings and you can land enemy forces.

Choose your firepower

An expert military officer will undoubtedly have full access to a variety of weapons of war, weapons, and so on, completing the missions based on your rifle marker as well as the confidence in your own shooting capabilities. You are able to upgrade your sniper weapon to provide more range, more precise targeting and more damage.

Shoot fiercely

When you are sent to different missions as a sniper, your task will be to infiltrate the enemy’s realm in complete desolation, so that you can find hidden targets and remove them from the screen. Take a look at your gun and continue to search until you find the target. Zoom in and aim for a complete identification. Take a deep breath, press the trigger and eventually make a deadly shot. Be aware that your superiors need confirmed killings, so never miss them! There are over 100 different weapons throughout the stages and missions that you can slowly gain. Gunsha, machine guns, guns, shuttles and other weapons available to you, each with upgrade capabilities.


Kill Shot features

– More than 65 different weapons

– Increase your firing power by using 4 different gun groups

– Opening new items to increase the strength of weapons

– More than 400 first shot shooting missions

– Excellent 3D graphics

– Very beautiful and interesting effects

– 30 unique maps and amazing places

– More than 65 different weapons

– Increase your firing power by using 4 different gun groups

– Opening new items to increase the strength of weapons

Changes Version 3.7

– Added standard and premium boxes

– 19 and 20 areas to missions by Elite Ops

– unique operations

– 4 new sniper weapons

– Added 5 new global operations to the game

– 3 new weapons as a bonus for the completion of global operations

Tips on playing the test

– The regular version of the game is tested on the Xperia Z1 with Android 5.1.1 and is healthy.

– It is an online game and requires a permanent connection to the Internet to run it.

– Due to the online game, the release of a valid and healthy version has not been released.

  • Android version required: 4.1
  • Need for rout: no
  • Requires Data: No

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