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[MOD] Jelly Splash v2.34.2 Direct Apk For Android

Play Jelly Splash Jelly Splash v2.34.2 Android - mobile mode version + trailer

The lines were huge jellies and jellies using super power and influence you add in each stage.

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Jelly Splash Game “Jelly Splash” is a beautiful and fun game in the style of games and puzzles Kzhval has been made by the company Wooga game. The game is now in the Google Play store for Android users around the world and holder of 4.2 from the Play Store has been published.

Lovely Jelly Splash game on your Android device and experience to know why this game is so popular with users and players around the world have been on different platforms! In hundreds of challenging stage in the most popular and most interesting Android puzzle game fun and challenging and pleasurable hours on your Android phone and tablet busy. The lines were huge jellies and jellies using super power and influence you add in each stage. Make yourself at full speed boosters have embedded in different areas and take advantage of them.

Can you incredibly attractive to other jellies, and it helped protect against mud hated the game? All Ezequiel and capabilities to define your own puzzles to reach your ultimate goal. Now the challenge and interesting entertainment on your Android device brings and start going through the steps one after the other and restore happiness to the land inundated.

No doubt you fond of jelly unique and funny game that will have beautifully crafted as possible. This fun and addictive and a compact course in no way miss.

Features Jelly Splash

– There’s leaderboard to compete with friends

– Whole host of new steps to be updated periodically

– No annoying time limits

Version 2.34.2

– Fixed a few bugs game

Version 2.31.1:

– Added two new world

Version 2.29.0:

– Certain changes seen!

Version 2.23.2:

– Added new event

– Added possibility to sell the island

– Added celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Version 2.22.1:

– Added collect drone

– Added new Jelly

– Added three new world

Version 2.20.1:

– Fixed a problem with the game on Android 4.4

– Added new missions

– Added level 20 to play

– Slimy balls that grow in the game you can eliminate double handling.

  • Android version required: 4.0
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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