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iRoot simple, yet powerful software to root the Android operating system and the user supplied two mobile version of Commuter and managed to root the device has more than 142 million.

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Rooting an Android one of the problems and concerns of the users of the popular operating system today on training rooted Android by powerful software iRoot in the process of rooting your device is simple and short, we have prepared. be with us.

iRoot simple and professional software designed to help users to root the device in the shortest time and least risk is that more than 143 million million to help software have been routed.

In the first step we need to know what is essentially rooted Android phone or tablet to Ruth, and why should we?

Ruth literally means their roots. In simple mode you can go to your device’s settings, but the changes are not huge changes but root can make any changes you want it on the phone manager. But you should know that by rooting your phone warranty will be lost. But there is nothing to worry about because the existing software can not Nrvt device again. Android users for purposes such as use of a special software – the latest version of Android – getting rid of different layouts – remove applications added – increase battery life and speed – Personalize infinity – infinite possibilities and install custom ROMs to Android rooting out.

Rooting an Android phone or tablet with just a few clicks!

Dedicated Andrvydkdh

Note: Keep in mind that the root of thecontacts, images, videos and music etc. will not go away.

To root your Android device with us to do the following steps:

1) USB Debugging enabled on your device. Of course, the various versions of Android are possible in different ways, but in most cases this option will be activated by the following methods.

The first method: the path to the front and then uncheck the Enable button. Settings> Developers Options> USB Debugging

The second method: USB Debugging on Android 4.2.2 and above is hidden. Enter the Phone About the Settings and tap on the Built Number 5 to 8.(Touch)


2) Software iRoot received from the download and install on your Windows computer, and then open the software.


3) your phone or tablet using the USB cable connected to your computer and wait to be recognized by the software.

Note: Your phone drivers must be installed otherwise wait for some software to automatically download and install drivers for your phone or tablet / phone model is connected After identifying and displaying messages can not enter the next stage.

Not root permissions also means that your device is not rooted yet.


4) click on the green Root button and wait until after you reboot the phone all the process is done correctly.


Warning: in the process of rooting your phone or tablet device does not disconnect from the computer or do not do something to stop this relationship in any way.

5) to complete the process and display the image below your device is properly rooted and Complete option button displayed in the user interface program.


6) To ensure the accuracy of performance must be routed in the list of installed programs as SuperSU option or see the King Root.

To ensure your rooted phone and tablet software can Powerful Root Checker Pro also help.

IRoot also released an Android app that users can root your phone without needing a computer or not Nrvt. Of course, this program will support devices with Android 2.2 to 4.4.

Version 3.2.2

Support for Ruth Letv X500 etc.

– Increasing the likelihood Ruth device

– Fixed some bugs

  • Android version required: 2.2
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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