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Iron Tanks v2.54 Apk For Android

Download Iron Tanks Iron Tanks Android v2.54 - Android Datasheet + Trailer

An exciting 3D battle tanks game featuring good 3D graphics and a variety of customizations on your tanks to fight against your friends.

Get advanced and modern tanks and enter the heat battles with powerful enemies. Strengthen your tank to become stronger and win the wars. In the war of advanced machines, it is the winning machine that has better weaponry and armor. To win you need to be able to use tactics and know your car. Upgrade your tank’s various modules and turn it into a terrible war machine. Try to create an ideal balance between attack and defense.Fight your Android with real enemies and show that you are the best soldier!

Unparalleled online game Modern and advanced tanks – from the makers of the Dominic Tank.

The game is presented online, which means that you do not fight computer or artificial intelligence, but enemies are real people who use all their intelligence to win! It’s a lot harder to do, but it offers a great variety of excitement and an addictive experience!

An unforgettable battle with real enemies in robotic machines. Strengthen your tank and get stronger, faster and more deadly.

Meet your friends in battle and feel the power of your tank battle. The game is presented online and in action style, with great graphics, versatile combat and real physics, an unforgettable experience on the battlefield. You can face up with your friends in the multiplayer mode of the game and taste the power of your tank.

Run the game only online

Features of Iron Tanks

– Great graphics

– Real physics

– Ability to fight against other players

– Real-time online battles

– Real enemies

– The wide range of modern tanks

– Various amplifier modules

– Types of comflash and decal modes

– Various battlegrounds in the world

Changes Version 2.54

– Improve the interface and fix the bugs

  • Android version required: 4.0.4
  • Need for rout: no
  • Requires Data:

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