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Ire: Blood Memory v2.0.6 Direct Apk + Data For Android

Download game Rage: A Legacy of Blood Ire: Blood Memory v2.0.6 Android - mobile data

Title in the genre of action games and role-playing due to the very hard struggle, unparalleled graphics and design of enemies and of course one of the most popular in its genre is the most special.

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 Ire: Blood MemoryIre: Blood Memory

Ire: Blood Memory game “Rage: A Legacy of Blood”, which is as many popular graphic style and epic action games and games TENBIRDS made by the Company is now in the Google Play Store with a score of 4.2 in is available for Android users around the world. Excellent graphics of the game with amazing monsters and creatures are beautifully crafted as possible, the main features and match highlights Ire: Blood Memory is recognized.Prelude to the “anger”

Judgment Day is near, decreased memory and the world is in decline and destruction. Sharpen your sword and select the name of your beloved kissed him goodbye and say hello to him. You’re going to battle. Gathered little memory and restore those that have been worn and the officers K. realm, most coming from.


Features Ire: Blood Memory

– A fantastic match and third-person epic action-RPG with a touch of style in a combination of intense and difficult battle Welcome

– Possible requests for support in battle and summon companions

– Overrun with endless war and violence and to raise his ranking points and get busy

– Interesting gameplay system so that your belongings behind each stage, including unlocking is another stage

– Compatible with various physical machinery

– Artificial intelligence system is very strong and world-class console games

– Three basic principles to progress in the game: Tactics, upgrade and strength to try to keep in mind in all its phases

– Due to the difficulty and challenge of the game, you will die many times but the charm of the game does not bother you

Version 2.0.6

– Fixed bugs and problems as well as optimize the performance of the game

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  • Android version required: 4.1
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • The need for data: Yes

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