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Heroes of Steel RPG Elite v2.4.49 Direct Apk For Android

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Enter a land of darkness and make up a large and powerful army and finally to fight the enemies and go aliens that have destroyed your land, your people failed to restore their good days.

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Steel hero RPG game by game studio building designed Cory Trese and $ 3.99 in the Android Market store is located, to the moment the game has attracted the attention of thousands of Android device users. There are four different characters in the game each have a unique skill, we now tell you the story of four characters. 13 in a major battle of the superpowers of the land of darkness into battle against the aliens are only four of them remain.Now war engulfed the entire world that you have to finish this chaotic situation. The first thing you need to do is build a large army, so just jump in and make a great team and use of weapons equip them. After a good win every battle you are awarded bonuses that you can buy armor and powerful weapons. The game features more than 120 fascinating and addictive gameplay that can be said is a suitable option for leisure.

Features Heroes of Steel RPG Elite

– More than 120 hours of exclusive gameplay

– Stunningly beautiful graphics and environment

– There are different missions

– The possibility of purchasing military equipment such as armor and powerful weapons

Version 4.2.49

– Updates store items to grid view

– Added + Crit Dmg

– Fixed a problem and bug reports

Fix bugs in some episodes

Changes in version 2.4.37:

– Added a new story to the world game

– Your character can now travel between the territories.

– Improved damage to enemies in combat

– Fixed some problems and crashes when playing

– Fixed a crash misspellings successive games and problems, as well as map

  • Android version required: 2.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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