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Hay Day v1.36.212 Direct Apk For Android

Download Hay Day 1.36.212 to play online Farm for Android

Hay Day is one of the best farmland games. Unlike two other titles, SuperSell, the Colossus of Colnes and Chalches of the Royal, plays a different, relaxed atmosphere.

Today is the day it’s tme to experience a completely new farming experience using smart touch controls on your Android device. please pay attention! This game is totally free, but you can buy it with real money if you wish. According to the manufacturer, the game is suitable for ages 13 up.

Returning to nature and beneficial experiences, simple living on the ground, and the development of chicks, pigs, cows and sheep, has been a thing of the past. You can also harvest your products with your own name, and in addition to the bakery, you can create sugar and dairy factories to produce fresh and healthy produce. You can also start business with your friends at roadside shops and advertise in newspapers.


The game ” Hay Day ” is one of the most popular titles released on Google Play and as you know it is made by the super-reputed SuperSell company.The title has so far been downloaded from the Google Play Store for nearly 500 million times, with an acceptable rating of 4.4 out of 5.0, with a record of around 7 million people!

Hay Day features

– Possibility to produce delicious stuff on your farm with healthy natural ingredients

– Possibility to buy and sell products using roadside shops

– Ability to play and trade with friends through Facebook using smart touch controls in the game

– Possibility to take care of farm animals and nurture them

– Possibility to fully adjust your farm

– Has interesting animations in the game

If you are a follower of strategy games and you want to experience a different atmosphere in this genre, we suggest you never miss this game. 

Changes Version 1.36.212

– Bug fixes and performance improvements

Changes 1.35.114:

– Introduction : Wildlife Refuge

– A completely new area right next to the city with 6 adorable animals

– Customize the shelter in any way you like

– New Special Derby

Changes 1.33.133:

– New special farm expansion with new decorations

– Added new areas to expand the farm

– The new Derby combo tasks

– Give new authority to Leader and Colder

– Donation to the booster as a bonus

Tips on playing the game

– The game requires a permanent Internet connection!

– Be careful that the servers of this game are extremely powerful, so there will not be a healthy version of it!

  • Android version required: 4.0.3
  • Need for rout: no
  • Requires Data: No

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