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Gummy Drop! Android v3.20.2 Apk For Android

Download the Gummy Drop! Android v3.20.2

Put together candies of one shape and color, eliminate them and go ahead! In fact, you’re doing the architecture.

Earn more points by performing exciting missions By performing missions and stages in the game you can score points and the faster your accuracy and accuracy in the missions, the higher your score. By gaining points, you can build big and famous structures such as the Sydney Tower, the Queen Victoria’s Palace, and more.

Destroy the pastels with the charming item in the game There are interesting items to remove the puzzles, which increases the number of these items by progressing the game.

Drawings Are you a real player? So you can play lottery games in a few weeks time and win coins and use coins in the game. So try your fortune.

Events will happen every day with a new event in the game, and will always be added to the number of these events. In the bottom part of the game you can see the events that they help you earn points.

More than 10,000 journals are available in a variety of environments, with interesting puzzles and animations to solve puzzles, while at the same time embarking on tourism all over the world. Elements that need to be tied together are colorful and delicious patties that can be combined with many more boosters and upgrades. Visit the historic and famous places of interest in various countries around the world, including the Eiffel Tower, the crown tower, familiar bridge names, and more. Get started with your pastime and challenge your skill in triple jug games. Quickly match the puzzles and entertain yourself for hours on Android smartphones and tablets. The range of the stages of the game is much larger than any other similar title, which has been prepared in 20 different cities of the world.

Gummy Drop game! The Big Fish Games studio has been able to get 4.1 on Google Play and is very popular among users. We recommend downloading this beautiful game to all lovers of georges and fantasy games.

Gummy Drop Features!

– Sightseeing in different countries of the world

– More than 10,000 different jockeys

– Earn various achievements and powerups

  • Name: Gummy Drop!
  • Version: 3.20.2
  • Latest update: Nov 27, 1397
  • Android version required: 3.1
  • Need for rout: no
  • Requires Data: No

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