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Guild of Heroes – fantasy RPG v1.61.5 Apk For Android

Download Guild of Heroes - fantasy RPG v1.61.5 Role playing in the Android Hero category

Guild of Heroes – Fantasy RPG Join the heroes group and fight in a spirit full of adventure and danger with evil forces. In this game you can show your splendor to the world. The characters of the game …

Guild of Heroes – Fantasy RPG Join the heroes group and fight in a spirit full of adventure and danger with the evil forces. In this game you can show your glory to the world. Equip your game’s characters and skills. Enhance your gaming skills. Practice your gaming and magic powers in this game. This game is a realistic, free and superb style game. This game is suitable for smartphones and tablets. The simple and easy gameplay of the game has made the game different from other games. Log in directly to the battlefield. The intuitive user interface of this game will help you find your way to the game without any time limits. But if you want to be a hero, you have to make a lot of effort.In a large and colorful world, start a risky place in unique game locations where a lot of secrets are hidden. On this trip you must have vast plains, massive forests, and very large caves as well as black Cross the horses. Destroy your enemies. Each of your enemies has unique skills and features. Find their weaknesses and do not give them the chance to lead to your defeat. Defeat the powerful presidents of the game. Dark people have become almost invincible forces and only fear the king of the dark. You must eliminate them to get the ancient artwork. Equip your character game. You can build your weapons and armor using hundreds of pieces. Learn new magic and enhance what you learn and use them in your struggles. In this world you can control all the components using magic powers. Restrict your magic powers, By doing this, you can surrender the powers of darkness.Battle your comrades’ shoulders. They will always help you defeat the strongest and most violent enemies. Combine your warriors together and get ready for exciting challenges. With the advancement in the game, you can change the main character of your game. You can put characters like warrior, archer and wizard to your game character. You can change your game character at any time without having to play again. Start from scratch.
  • Name: Guild of Heroes – fantasy RPG
  • Version: 1.61.5
  • Last update: April 6, 1397
  • Android version required: 2.3
  • Need for rout: no
  • Requires Data: No

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