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GTA: Liberty City Stories v2.2 Direct MOD Apk + Data For Android !

Play GTA Liberty City GTA: Liberty City Stories v2.2 Android - mobile data + mode

Toni Cipriani to pay characters in role-playing and return to his hometown of Liberty and the means at hand to fight and perform various missions to save your own city.

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GTA Liberty City game maker Rockstar Games studio is a unique masterpiece that a few hours will be officially published in the Play Store. The beautiful game a little different than previous games and is designed rather older. Games GTA Liberty City Stories for PlayStation was released about eleven years ago that is much used and now available for Android users is $ 3.99. Freely in the passenger car and struggling to pay but keep in mind that at any moment the police to identify and arrest you. If you want to go ahead as usual the game will have to perform various missions to pay as well as adventure games go ahead. In the role of a different character in the role-playing game. You’ve been away for a while from his town, and now returned again that there is no previous days and intimacy between people is not observed. After a few days you will find that your town is engulfed crime must now regain his ability to fight and dangerous groups and the city of different on your page.

Users who download and use previous versions of the game had problems with the new version of the game to run without problems.

Features GTA: Liberty City Stories

– Ambient and ultra-realistic graphics and HD

– There are completely different and changeable weather such as rain

– Full support for the right of consular

– There are different and unique music

– There are graphic animations to better understand Adventure Game

Version 2.2

– Fixed bugs and problems in the game to increase its stability

Changes in version 2.1:

– Enhanced the effects of touch in the game

– Important bug fixes and trouble

  • Android version required: 4.0
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • The need for data: Yes

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