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GT Racing 2: The Real Car v1.5.5z Direct MOD Apk + Data For Android

Play GT Racing 2 GT Racing 2 v1.5.5z Android - mobile data + mode + trailer

One of the most popular racing games for smart devices with unparalleled graphics and gameplay console emulator is. Most of breathtaking racing experience with sports cars the world!

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The second series game GT Racing GT Racing 2ultra-realistic experience of high-speed racing car on your Android phone and tablet brings. Are able to use the best sports cars and racing world to be able to quickly entertained for hours. In this game the user can be in the form of solo and multiplayer, unprecedented level of excitement racing experience. Everything is simulated in the best way possible to the extent of the challenge and fun of high-speed racing on your Android device to get rewarded. It should be mentioned that the best driving simulator stunning in an atmosphere with very high detail and are now at your disposal for hours frantically driving experience with the most powerful racing cars. According to the maker of this game in any of the categories with the same issue can not be more wonderful and exciting experience than the game GT Racing 2 note. Now you can play the most realistic racing simulator with data download and enjoy it. Fans of racing games, car racing, auto racing simulator and anything related to cars should not lose the beautiful game.

The game “GT Racing 2” is a fascinating, exciting and popular Android operating system in the style of racing games are made by Gameloft is well known companies. The title of Android games due to a mermaid three-dimensional graphics in gaming consoles size, extremely realistic and exciting gameplay, detailed simulation racing and cars and all invoices are also multiplayer modes game friends and other users can be one of the best racing games for Android is the operating system. It is worth noting that this game has won this momentmore than 1.5 million users from around thescore of 4.3 on the planet is in the Google Play Store.

Features GT Racing 2: The Real Car

The simulator car racing

One of the best and richest racing game on Android

– There are 67 cars from prestigious world famous companies

– There are 13 attractive and elegant way to have more fun in tournament

– 30 car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Dodge, Nissan, etc.

– Driving test and certification at different levels

– 28 new challenges each week in a row

– Weekly tournaments and win a car

Driving very deep feeling

– Fantastic physics game with high detail cars

– Ability to change weather conditions during play

– Ability to select four different camera

More fun when playing in single-player

– Competition with participants from all over the world and earn the best rating

– Membership in other teams to get more money

– To enable better control of steering and braking assistant

– There are various items to customize cars

For download and more screenshots from the game to see more.

Version 1.5.5z

– Fixed minor bugs

Changes in version 1.5.3g:

– Provide better service by mechanics

– Added icon to restart at the end of the game

– New daily tournaments with new prizes

– Improved Touch Control

– Resolves problems

  • Android version required: 2.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • The need for data: Yes

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