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Greenify v4.5.1 Apk For Android

Download Greenify 4.5.1 Android Speed ​​and Performance

Becky is one of the top Android optimization apps in 2013, which significantly increases the speed of the device using the features provided.

Greenify is a popular and efficient application to increase the speed and performance of Android phones and tablets. This app works to disable your games and software from the hidden memory of the phone and, when you need them, runs them at high speed. In addition to optimizing the device, this software reduces your battery usage. So when you no longer have software, this program automatically slides it to sleep, preventing battery usage and slowing down the phone and preventing the battery from being spoiled and consumed in the long run. You can also use this program to run software that is by default automated to use more space than your RAM and battery. This program, with the ability to sleep programs that are more relevant to users, completely different from others because other software completely disables the program. If you also have a lot of RAM and smartphone processing and this will reduce the power of your phone, we recommend that you try this app.

Greenify is released by Oasis Feng developer for Android users free of charge and has so far scored 4.4 out of 5 on Google Play and recorded more than 10 million official downloads.

Greenify features

– Minimal consumption of battery

– Content sharing

– Stop running applications in the background

Changes Version 4.5.1

Auto power off of background apps

– Working Sleep Mode automatically without the need for rout

– Bug login to the menu “Reattach wide cut-off”

Changes Version 3.2.2:

– Wake-up cut-off without having to be rooted

– Display the “User Guide” for the first run

– Added “privileged mode”

– Fixed a wake-up error on some Samsung gadgets

Changes Version 2.9:

– Added 2 new test features on Android 6 (Aggressive Doze and Shallow Hibernation).

– Added Toolbar with Gesture Support for Android 6.0 ( in Settings)

– Added a new option to turn off the screen

– Improved status recognition function

– The more complete plugin The Tasker plugin with tools

– Use the new Hibernation engine

Changelog Version 2.8:

– Support for Android 6

– Use Hibernate shortcuts and Lock Screen now in Smart Lock

– Fixed a bug in the application running on Android 5.1.1_r9 and 6.0

– Fix plugin bug and Wake-up part

  • Android version required: 4.1
  • Need for rout: yes
  • Requires Data: No

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