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Google Translate v5.15.0.RC08 Direct Apk For Android

Download Google Translate 5.15.0.RC08 Google Android Translator app

Easily translate the various texts and vocabulary into more than 80 languages, including Persian language, and translate them online and offline.


Google Tsate Google Google Translate isGoogle’s official software for translating text, word, speech, writing, and even handwriting, which, with its highly functional capabilities and, of course, has been able to function as the reference software for smart devices. . In the modern era, the use of heavy and thick books is nothing but waste of time and energy waste. There is no need to find words and expressions in dictionary books, and with modern technologies, and of course, relying on the global Internet world, long texts can be translated from any language into another language in just a few seconds. There are many tools in place that Google has been able to translate to the easiest and most cost-effective way with Google Translate software.With this program you can easily translate various texts and words into more than 103 languages ​​of the world, including Persian language, and also have the ability to listen to it and pronounce words. In this version of the hand-detecting feature The Persian language line is included, which is a very important feature. Features such as instant and advanced image translation, downloading various database information for offline use in an emergency, and also the ability to translate most of the world’s languages ​​into any other language can undoubtedly bring the best mobile companion software experience to users. Bring back This software is recommended to all Android users, including students, engineers, doctors and ….

Google translate

Posted by Google Inc.’s renowned developer for Android users and has so far scored 4.4 out of 5 on Google Play and has recorded more than 100 million official downloads.

Google Translate features

– Translation of texts in over 103 different languages ​​by typing

– A very functional Tap to Translate feature, which only translates text to you by copying any text in any software.

– Availability of offline translator for times when Internet access is not possible

– Ability to translate using the camera in 29 different languages; just put your camera in the direction of the text.

– Existence of camera mode to capture text and provide a better quality translation in 37 different languages

– Speech translation functionality in 32 different languages

– Ability to recognize letters and texts with human handwriting and translate it into 93 distinct languages

– Ability to create phrase books to remember key words and translate them to any other language

Changes Version 5.15.0

* Improve performance and fix various application problems to become the best Android translator!


  • Android version required: 4.2
  • Need for rout: no
  • Requires Data:

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